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In the Land of Blood and Honey

In the Land of Blood and Honey Top 10 MoviesThere is no doubt that Angelina’s directorial debut movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey, belongs on every top 10 movies list. This is a movie that everyone should see. It is fictional but based on real events. In the 1990’s, Bosnia is in a difficult position and being invaded and attacked by the Serbs. The people are confused and afraid and horrific events are taking place. But that doesn’t stop people from having relationships and caring about it other. Like Danijel and Ajla, a young couple that met before the attacks began and meet again when he finds her in a line-up of Bosnian women that are to be sold as sexual slaves. This is one of the best movies and Jolie has done a great job with her first attempt at directing.

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In the Land of Blood and Honey Movie Trailer

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Kinyarwanda Top 10 moviesOne movie that is sure to show up on many top 10 movies lists this year is Kinyarwanda. This is a dramatic story with several sub-plots that will keep your eyes on the screen and wondering what will happen next. The many characters are well portrayed. You’ll be touched by the love that develops between the young Tutsi woman and the Hutu man who develop a relationship amidst lots on conflict. You’ll feel for the young soldier as she struggles while being far away from her family and tries to keep her mind on doing what is right and dealing with the concept of the greater good. And you’ll be in suspense as the priest must deal with horrific situations that cause him to question his faith. This is one of the top movies of the year and when you watch it you’ll understand why.

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Kinyarwanda Movie Trailer

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Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Crazy Stupid Love Top 10 Movies
Some of the top movies this year are romantic comedies and Crazy, Stupid, Love is bound to be on some top 10 movies lists. This movies isn’t stupid, and the people in the movie can be a little crazy at times, but mostly it is about relationships in love. It has an honesty to it that is refreshing, despite the complications of relationships. There are many characters in this movie and they are all going through their only relationship issues. Divorce, new love, unexpected love, and long time love are all parts of this crazy little movie. Guys, if you want to impress the girls, this is the perfect date night movie. She’ll love you for it and she’ll be so impressed with your sensitivity!

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Crazy Stupid Love Movie Trailer

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Last Night

Top 10 Movies
Last Night is on many top 10 movies lists because it is a movie that addresses something that almost every married couple fears – infidelity – and must address at some point in their marriage. Joanna (Keira Knightly) and Michael (Sam Worthington) are married and have been enjoying their four year marriage. As college sweethearts, each other was the only thing they ever wanted. And they got it. But, being human, they begin to doubt each other. She doubts him when she sees the way he acts with his sexy new co-worker and then goes on a business trip with her. She constantly wonders if it is just her imagination or if something is actually going on between the two. And then, while her husband is away, Joanna runs into an ex-lover who is still carrying a flame for her. The movie goes back and forth between scenes with the husband and wife and really addresses real feelings that real couples have. If you want to see one of the best movies to watch at home, check this one out.

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Last Night (2010) Movie Trailer

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Morning Glory

Morning Glory Top 10 Movies

Even if your career seems to be all right budget cut can leave you without job. Morning show producer Becky played by Rachel McAdams was fired from her place and now she is back to work and must bring dull and unpopular morning show. The situation is awful since no one takes that show seriously and don’t even tries to do something to improve the situation. Harrison Ford plays the main anchor of that show, formerly a big star now he is just waiting for his contract to over. Becky loves her job and tries to do everything to revive that boring show to the glory and encourage all participants. If you want o have a nice laugh you should that comedy placed among top movies of the year.

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Morning Glory (2010) Movie Trailer

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Jack Goes Boating

Jack Goes Boating Top 10 Movies
Jack Goes Boating is not an easy light-weighted film that is good to watch then you just want to relax. It is complex movie with complex characters who are outstandingly played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Ryan. Jack Goes Boating is broken in separate scenes that are highly suspenseful and filmed in a strange but amusing manner. The plot goes around two couples that are at different stages of relationships. One couple is in stage of dissolution of relationships while other one is only way to real relationships. Overall you can expect many heartwarming moments with only few shots of sad, it is mostly concentrated on characters and not on the story about the boat adventure itself. It was a Hoffman’s debut and his creation is already worth to be placed among best movies.

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Jack Goes Boating (2010) Movie Trailer

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Love and Other Drugs

Love and other drugs top 10 movies

Love and Other Drugs is a new and very captivating drama that shows how strange can love be. Brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal plays energetic young salesman who works in pharmaceutical area. He is trying to build his career but suddenly all his life changes as he meets Meggie. That female who has Parkinson decease is persuasively played by Anne Hathaway who manages to expose her deep connection with her new lover. At first they look like absolutely different persons but surprisingly that light flirt results in serious relationships that can’t leave you indifferent. So this is one of the best movies about the real feelings and the power of love. It makes views empathize loving couple and keeps them interested until the very end. Probably it is even possible to say that Love and Other Drugs can be placed among top 10 movies of its genre.

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Love and Other Drugs (2010) Trailer

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The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days Top 10 Movies

Probably we all are already tired of all these movies with predictable plots and each time we go to he cinemawe know what would be in the end. However The Next Three Days, the film that proudly takes its place in 10 rated movies list isn’t like that. Russell Crowe plays a husband of the wife who is wrongfully accused in murder and locked in the jail. One day she decides to kill herself but her attempt fails. Now Russell wants to take her out of their and you can expect very unpredictable plot that ends in extremely surprising way. Besides following the action that is absolutely amusing it also makes you think about our own decisions and action. So if you want to watch serious interesting movie you should pay attention at The Next Three Days

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The Next Three Days (2010) Trailer

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Easy A

Easy A Top 10 Movies

That is the excellent example of how should a high school comedy look like. Less dumb jokes and more twists of the plot can make the game. Why should you watch all these b grave comedies when you can just download one of the best movies in the genre of teenage comedy and laugh together with your friends? Would the story of former geek girl who spends all her time reading books and doing homework and suddenly changed everything in her life due to a lucky chance can intrigue you enough? If not, you should also know that this chick pretended that she lots virginity and now she a great piece of cake for many schoolmates who desperately want to date her. That is a great way to change her life without doing anything naughty actually besides talking of course.

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Easy A (2010) Movie Trailer

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Dear John

Dear John Best Movie of 2010

The 2010 year started very good regarding number of great movies we already saw in cinemas and this row continues with Dear John, deepdrama based on novel of Nicholas Sparks. Lasse Hallstrom managed to get one pf the best possible casts for this film so you can see magnificent and professional Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried who managed to find absolute connection to their complicated movie characters. John Tyree is a special force soldier and he has only two weeks holiday at home that he want to spend with his older father, but very soon he meets attractive girl, Savannah Curtis. They develop their relationship for these two weeks and truly fall in love with each other.
However John has to go back in army, but promise to return to his new love. Of course they keep in touch with letters all time but soon something happens. It is one of those dramas that make sensitive ladies cry right in the cinema, the emotional connection between beloved heroes are almost visible for viewers and definitely make us think about our own relationships. Without any doubts it is one of the best movies in drama categories for last couple of years.

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Dear John Movie Trailer

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