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Men in Black 3

Will Smith Tommy Lee Jones Men in Black 3
They’re back! The third installment of the Men in Black film series brings the audience back in time to the groovy 1960’s, when the MIB department was still new and Agent K, played by Josh Brolin, is a strapping young agent. After learning that an evil alien traveled back in time and killed the young Agent K, the now veteran Agent J, played by Will Smith, must save young Agent K’s life. If not the event will not only cause the end of the MIB agency, but will destroy Earth and humanity along with it. Like the other MIB movies, audiences will find themselves laughing the entire time. Go straight to the top 10 movies list and chose Men in Black III for your next film experience. Written by Lowell Cunningham and David Koepp, and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, you’ll be taking out your black sunglasses once again as you watch one of the top movies of the year.

Men in Black 3 Trailer (2012)

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American Reunion

American Reunion Top 10 MoviesOne of the best movies of the year, directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg have created another hit in the American Pie series. American Reunion brings back the hilarious American Pie crew for their high school reunion, including Jason Biggs as Jim Levenstein, Alyson Hannigan as Michelle, Seann William Scott as Stifler, and Mena Suvrari as Heather. Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and yes, even Stifler’s Mom are also in this fantastic film. We get to see how life has treated the East Great Falls, Michigan class of 1999, as well as the next generation of teens looking to lose their virginity. Laughter follows the group, with hysterical pranks, memorable moments from the previous films, and just the right amount of love. This movie is a top-notch comedy that will leave you in stitches and is definitely worthy of a spot on the top 10 movies list.

American Reunion Movie Trailer

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21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street Top 10 Movies This 2012 rendition of 21 Jump Street is absolutely one of the top 10 movies of the year. I positively enjoyed the fresh and outlandishly funny dialogue. Filled with great comedic timing on the parts of both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, you are left only wanting more. The pair of underachieving cops are sent to a local high school to blend in with the students all in the name of catching and bringing down a synthetic drug ring. It is positively refreshing and genuine humor.

I do not believe this remake could have been planned and executed any better. This movie is definitely one of the best movies I have seen so far this year. The scenery from the location in New Orleans, Louisiana also comes through in the movie beautifully. With a bit of adult language, this movie is best for older teenagers and adults.

21 Jump Street Movie Trailer

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We Bought a Zoo

We Bought a Zoo Top 10 moviesOne of the movies that is sure to be on any Top 10 Movies List in the family genre is We Bought a Zoo. Matt Damon has been known for doing action movies and comedy movies but this time he steps out of his comfort zone to play the part of Benjamin Mee, a dad with a troubled teenage son, an adorable young daughter, and a wife that has passed on. He’s uninspired by his journalist job and he just wants to spend more time with his kids and escape from all the city drama. And that is how he ends up buying a falling apart zoo with exotic animals that needs a lot of TLC. The movie is filled with interesting characters and is based on a true story and the animals will charm you. This is one of the best movies to watch as a family.

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We Bought a Zoo Movie Trailer

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The Sitter

The Sitter Top 10 MoviesSometimes the best movies are the ones that make you laugh and that is exactly why you should check out The Sitter. Jonah Hill -- up and coming funny man -- plays Noah, a college student that lives with his mom. He’s on the verge of being suspended though and he needs to make some cash so he decides to take on the easiest job he can think of -- babysitting. Well,he really doesn’t know what he’s in for. The kids are a little odd to say the least. Slater is a sexually confused boy, Blithe is just a wild child, and Rodrigo, a foreign exchange student is a pyromaniac. Sounds like trouble already doesn’t it? But it gets worse as the foursome embark on an adventure that will have you laughing all night long. This is one of the top movies that is sure to entertain you.

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The Sitter Movie Trailer

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50/50 Top 10 MoviesThis year has seen a lot of great movies being produced and the best movies can be downloaded online so that you can enjoy them at home. One movie that will make a night of watching movies more enjoyable is 50/50. It’s a movie about a kid that finds out he has cancer. He’s a radio station programmer and up until this point his life has been pretty normal. But his friend, played by Seth Rogan (so you know there will be some great comedy) wants to make sure that he takes the time to really get some pleasure out of life. While this movie might come across as being full of college humour there are some great scenes between the friends. See this movie for yourself and find out why I think this is one of the top movies of the year.

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50/50 Movie Trailer

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The Muppets

The Muppets Top 10 MoviesThere have been a lot of great family movies come out this year but one of the best movies of the year that you should watch with your family is The Muppets. Adults all over the world will be taken back to their childhood and will be able to introduce their own children to Animal, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Fozzie. The characters have all gone off in their own directions and have exciting jobs as plumbers, musicians, magazine editors, and rehab workers but they must come together one more time when a young couple wants to drill for oil under the Muppets theatre. This is a fun movie that adults will love and kids will be in awe of. This will no doubt end up being on your top 10 movies list this year!

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The Muppets Movie Trailer

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30 Minutes or Less

30 Minutes or Less Top 10 Movies
Sometimes the best movies are the ones you least expect to love and for many that is exactly what will happen with 30 Minutes or Less. Even if you think this is not your type of movies, you should still see it because it is likely to surprise you. It seems like the kind of movie only teenagers will like but you will definitely laugh at the craziness. Nick is the kind of kid who really doesn’t seem to have much going for him and it will come to no surprise that he is miserable in his pizza delivery job. And things just get worse when he is kidnapped by a pair of fools and has a bomb strapped to his chest that will kill him unless he robs a bank. So what does he do? He turns to his friends of course! If you see this movie you will be sure to put it on your top movies list.

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30 Minutes or Less Movie Trailer

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A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy Top 10 Movies
A Good Old Fashioned Orgy is the story of Eric, played by Jason Sudeikis who is well known amongst his friends for his wild themed parties at his Father’s beach house. Eric’s father decides to put the beach house on the market and he decides to have one last party with his friends at the beach house. This is one of the best movies of recent times and is getting great reviews. The only problems for Eric were to convince his friends to join in the party and tackling the agent who attempted to sell the house even before the party could start. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy is a must watch and easily one of the top movies I have watched in a long time.

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A Good Old Fashioned Orgy Movie Trailer

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Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Crazy Stupid Love Top 10 Movies
Some of the top movies this year are romantic comedies and Crazy, Stupid, Love is bound to be on some top 10 movies lists. This movies isn’t stupid, and the people in the movie can be a little crazy at times, but mostly it is about relationships in love. It has an honesty to it that is refreshing, despite the complications of relationships. There are many characters in this movie and they are all going through their only relationship issues. Divorce, new love, unexpected love, and long time love are all parts of this crazy little movie. Guys, if you want to impress the girls, this is the perfect date night movie. She’ll love you for it and she’ll be so impressed with your sensitivity!

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Crazy Stupid Love Movie Trailer

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