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Men in Black 3

Will Smith Tommy Lee Jones Men in Black 3
They’re back! The third installment of the Men in Black film series brings the audience back in time to the groovy 1960’s, when the MIB department was still new and Agent K, played by Josh Brolin, is a strapping young agent. After learning that an evil alien traveled back in time and killed the young Agent K, the now veteran Agent J, played by Will Smith, must save young Agent K’s life. If not the event will not only cause the end of the MIB agency, but will destroy Earth and humanity along with it. Like the other MIB movies, audiences will find themselves laughing the entire time. Go straight to the top 10 movies list and chose Men in Black III for your next film experience. Written by Lowell Cunningham and David Koepp, and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, you’ll be taking out your black sunglasses once again as you watch one of the top movies of the year.

Men in Black 3 Trailer (2012)

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This Sci-Fi action thriller is also a great adventure. Directed by Peter Berg, written by Erich Hoeber and Jon Hoeber, the movie Battleship is even more than the Hasbro game could ever be. In this high-action film filled with outstanding special effects, Battleship tells the story of a fleet of international ships that stumble upon an armada of aliens during Naval war games exercise. Before you know it, the greatest battle in Earth’s history erupts over the sea and spills in the air and onto the land. Much of the film is centered around the stunning Hawaiian Islands, where all the countries ban together to fight the ‘The Regents’, the name for the alien intruders. Battleship stars Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane, Taylor Kitsch as Alex Hopper, Brooklyn Decker as Samantha, Alexander Skargard as Stone Hopper and Rihanna as Raikes. When you are looking for top movies jam-packed with action, Battleship is the perfect movie for you.

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The Avengers

The Avengers
There is something about superheroes that attract both the young and the old. Perhaps it’s the adventure or the cool special powers? Or maybe it’s the sheer pleasure of saving the Earth from Evil. One thing is for sure, the best movies are always those films that truly entertain us like nothing else, and The Avengers is one of these hits. Directed by the talented Joss Whedon, The Avengers brings together a fantastic group of super humans with the task of saving the world from Loki and his evil army. Why have a movie about one super hero when you can have a team of six. The who’s who of Marvel Comics makes up S.H.I.E.L.D, including Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow. Audiences will love that Robert Downey Jr. continues his role as Tony Start/Iron man, Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers/ Captain America once again, and Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as Thor. This is definitely one of the top 10 movies of all times.

The Avengers Movie Trailer

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Jason Statham is back again, in another heart-pounding, action-packed film that will have you on the edge of your seat. Safe is written and directed by Boaz Yakin and tells the story of a young girl named Mei that has a special code in her memory that everyone wants. Not only does she have to worry about the Triads, hot on her trail, but corrupt cops and the Russian mob are also after her. She crosses paths with an ex-cage fighter (Statham), whose world was ruined by the same bad guys chasing her, and they form a special bond as they fight for their lives. Jason Statham stars as Luke Wright and Catherine Chan stars as Mei, with Robert John Burke, James Hong, Chris Sarandon, and Anson Mount also having roles in this high-speed adventure. Safe is a guaranteed hit that is already climbing the ranks of the ten best moves. Don’t get left out and watch this movie now.

Safe Trailer

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Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans Top 10 Movies
As the struggle for supremacy carries on between the Gods and the Titans, Perseus, the demigod is attempting to live his life out as a village fisherman. He is also the sole parent to his son, Helius. Becoming dangerously weak due to the lack of humanity’s devotion, the Titans and their leader Kronos are gaining ground. They run into treacherous obstacles along the way but, never losing sight of his mission to rescue his father, Zeus. A definite add to any movie list.

The graphics and special effects in this Warner Bros picture are amazing to say the least. The graphics make this movie one of the best movies of the year in terms of creativity. Also, available for viewing in 3D, Wrath of the Titans is a must see. I am glad that I followed the godly powers into the theatre to check this movie out.

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Wrath of the Titans Movie Trailer

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21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street Top 10 Movies This 2012 rendition of 21 Jump Street is absolutely one of the top 10 movies of the year. I positively enjoyed the fresh and outlandishly funny dialogue. Filled with great comedic timing on the parts of both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, you are left only wanting more. The pair of underachieving cops are sent to a local high school to blend in with the students all in the name of catching and bringing down a synthetic drug ring. It is positively refreshing and genuine humor.

I do not believe this remake could have been planned and executed any better. This movie is definitely one of the best movies I have seen so far this year. The scenery from the location in New Orleans, Louisiana also comes through in the movie beautifully. With a bit of adult language, this movie is best for older teenagers and adults.

21 Jump Street Movie Trailer

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Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice Top 10 Movies
With Nicholas Cage being one of my favorite actors, Seeking Justice was at the top of my must see movies list. Full of action, love stories and heart breaking scenes, this movie has now made it to my best movies list. Though, once you enter into the conspiracy theories, mid-way through the movie, it gets a confusing. It then becomes one of those movies you cannot take your eyes off of or, you will be completely lost. Nicholas’s wife in the movie gets assaulted after leaving a music rehearsal and Nicholas is out to seek justice or what I would call revenge. He enlists the help an organization after meeting a stranger in the hospital when visiting his wife. The stranger offers to eliminate the assailant. Nicholas takes him up on that offer. The organization then requests that Will (Nicholas Cage) then return the favor. It is certainly a good movie to watch.

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Seeking Justice Movie Trailer

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John Carter

John Carter Top 10 MoviesThis Movie is about a former military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who is was transported to Mars, where he becomes mixed up in a conflict. The conflict is amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and the Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). In a world on the verge of collapsing, Carter realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands. The movie is based on the book, Princess of Mars, which was the first in a series of 11 novels and written by Edgar Rice Burroughs over 100 years ago. Unfortunately, this movie was not taken well by many critics and certainly had to be hard on Disney after the $250 million dollars put into its making. I for one cannot say, this is on my top movies list but, I will say the movie is Okay. If you are into Sci-Fi, this may be on one of your top ten movies of the year thus far. The graphics are indeed, amazing.

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John Carter Movie Trailer

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Haywire Top 10 Movies

When you are looking for top movies to watch and keep you entertained you should keep an eye out for a movie called Haywire. It’s a great movie choice for anyone that likes excitement and load of action.

Mallory Kane is the main character and her job is to deal with all the stuff that the government can’t have any hand in or those leaders would rather not see. When she’s sent to the city of Dublin on a mission, things go off track and she finds out that she’s been double crossed by someone that she should have been able to trust. The only thing is, she’s not sure who! She’s going to have to put all her skills to use and utilize every resource at hand. This is an exciting movie that many people will have on their top 10 movies lists!

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Haywire Movie Trailer

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Contraband Top 10 Movies
One of the top 10 movies of the year should definitely be the movie Contraband, starring Mark Wahlberg. Walberg seems to really be doing some great stuff lately and this movie is no different. Contraband is about a man that was once a drug smuggler but has left that world behind in order to protect his family and keep them safe. Unfortunately, his brother is still involved in that world and he’s gotten himself into a bit of trouble with some debt and his life is now in danger. The only way that his brother will be saved is if Walberg’s character step in and does one more deal to settle the debt that is owed. Things never goes as they are originally planned though do they? This is one of the best movies for anyone that is looking for a great movie to watch this weekend.

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Contraband Movie Trailer

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